Snap-On Smile

A Painless, Easy, & Excellent Way to Get a New Smile

The world of cosmetic dentistry is rapidly changing, and new treatment methods and technologies are constantly being created that offer patients easier and more effective ways to improve their smiles. One of these great advancements is Snap-On Smile. This product allows you to makeover your smile without undergoing extensive dental procedures. In fact, the process can be completed with just two quick and painless visits to our Terre Haute dental office. Snap-On Smile works by literally snapping on a new set of “teeth” (made with light, durable resin) over your existing ones- no drilling extractions, or whitening chemicals are every necessary!

Snap-On smile is a terrific options for patients who have teeth that are:

  • Stained
  • Chipped
  • Cracked
  • Crooked
  • Missing

Once you have your Snap-On Smile in place, you will be able to function, eat, and drink as normal. They can be easily removed for cleaning, physical activities, and sleeping. Learn how our team at Midtown Dentistry can transform your look by calling us now at (812) 234-2488!

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